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There has been a lot of conjecture about Google’s +1 (Plus One) button and what its effect was going to be on search engine rankings. Just in case you haven’t heard about it, + 1 is a sharing button that you can put on your blog or website.

Well, it’s live now and there are still questions.  There have been several preliminary tests related to how much effect it will and most of the results seem to be insignificant in terms of the big picture.  So the question is now that it’s live does it really matter?

1. It Will Matter, But How Much?

In my opinion it is going to matter chiefly because it’s a Google product. However I wouldn’t recommend banking on Google +1 to help you jump to the top of search engine rankings. They key is to keep it in perspective. More importantly understand what it really is.

Now Google did indicate that it would impact search engine rankings, you should remember that it is really more of a social tool than anything else.  It will likely have an impact similar to Twitter and Facebook, in that it can affect search engine social results.

2. Should You Use It?

Again, my opinion is a definite yes. Add Google +1 to your blog or website. Perhaps it  won’t have an impact big enough to justify trying to buy Google +1 clicks. It will never hurt that Google sees your content being shared with their sharing tool, but it unlikely to have much more value than Facebook or Twitter until it becomes more established.

Google has created a lot of great tools, but they have also created some failures. Google Wave is an illustration of a tool that was good in theory, but never realized its predicted outcome.

Google +1 will likely be a sharing tool that people who already rely primarily on Google tools such as Gmail, Chrome, and other similar resources will use heavily.

Your specific customer base or niche could play a large role in how much this tool will actually help you. If your clients are those that rely heavily on Google tools such as Gmail, Chrome, and other similar resources they will probably use + 1 a great deal.

In the final analysis, Google +1 is something that will affect the search engine rankings and it should be a sharing icon that you should add to your website or blog.  On the other hand, it probably won’t play a significant enough role to give reason for spending a lot of time and resources to make it focal point of your social strategy.

Remember, this is my opinion and this could change. It could end up being a game changer.  Since the future of Google +1 is uncertain at best, it is something that you should be aware of and continue to observe.

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