It doesn’t matter what type of campaign you are running, your landing page should be designed for one purpose and that is to capture more leads. You can do numerous things to make your traffic squeeze page more effective. We’ll cover 6 of those here to help you do this.

1. Create a Page That Requires No Scrolling

I do not have any survey results with specific numbers.  However, I believe the majority of people who visit your landing page will not scroll down and will leave the page. If you do choose to have a page where they must scroll you will jeopardize your chances to capture leads.

The better choice is to create a page with a compelling headline, a brief message highlighting the benefits of your program and concluding with a strong call to action.

2. Benefits of Your Program

Create a mini-headline followed by 4 or 5 benefits of your program highlighted by bullet points

3. Develop a Clear Call To Action

Without a clear call to action, how do you expect your landing page visitors to know what you want them to do? There are a variety of different ways to do this. Preferably, you should keep it short –generally with only one sentence. One way to help you stand out is to make the text a color that contrasts with the dominant color of the page and other text.

Don’t forget to ask your visitors for their name and email address. Some squeeze pages will request phone numbers and even home addresses. If you ask for too much information visitors will be less likely to sign up.

4. Don’t Let Your Visitors Travel

One of the biggest mistakes that many landing pages make is that they include links to other pages on the website.  The belief is that these links will get the visitor to explore the rest of the website in hopes that they will convert later. I don’t buy this philosophy because if they do go to the website they probably will not think about returning to sig up for your list.

5. What About Infographics?

Another recent trend has been adding infographics to landing pages in order to capture the visitor’s attention immediately.  A very thoughtful and well-designed infographic can be a benefit and may increase conversions.  At the same time, they take up a lot of space that may be better utilized differently.  If you are going to create an infographic for your landing page, make sure that it is thought-provoking, useful, and continually test it to make sure that it is actually helping your conversions.

6. Offer a Free Gift

There are some who now wonder whether offering free reports are any longer beneficial. People still like to get free stuff. You should provide them with a compelling reason to join your list and include a free item or two as a bonus to help seal the deal.

While these six methods tend to be fairly common, but it is important to repeatedly test and tweak your landing page for maximum success. Just remember, your landing page has been designed for one purpose and that is to capture more leads.

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