It is not difficult to create a successful blog. In fact there is hardly any difference than making other types of text-based content. Generally though most people look upon blogs as being more personal and informal than other types of documents.

On the other hand, a majority of large companies have blogs which act as part-support and part news, which is never very casual. No matter how you choose  to use your blog, there are 4 ways to make sure that your posts fail miserably.

1. Ignore the Basics

If there is one thing that will turn off most readers, it is poor grammar and spelling. This isn’t because they won’t take you seriously; but rather because reading improperly developed sentences and misspelled words is difficult. There really is no excuse both because you can go to tools and check the grammar and spelling contained in your posts.

Making a typographical error once in a while isn’t a big deal, but it can’t become  endemic. If you outsource your content creation, I urge you proof-read it before you post it. If at all possible, you should read it on two separate occasions before publishing it.

2. Not Utilizing Well-Known Style and Formatting.

Style and formatting is important if your blog post is longer than a few hundred words. This just makes it easier to scan and read, especially since most people tend to scan text on a computer screen rather than read it.

As a result, if you put up a long article with no formatting outside of paragraph breaks, then it will quickly become overpowering to read.  By using bullet points, icons, and effective H2/H3 tags, you can quickly break up your text and make it more reader friendly.  It is also important to note that depending on your target demographic the width of the blog post area can affect reader happiness as well.

3. Creating Content that is Too Short

If you write content that is too brief people may very well think you are wasting their time. In fact, it can prove difficult to present much useful information if the content is too short. Blog posts are and should be shorter than some other types of articles, and I won’t recommend a specific minimum number of words. However, just a caution to be certain the post is sufficient to unmistakably state your full message.

4. Ignore the Importance of the Title

You can have the best content in your blog post but if you do not have a title that attracts the reader, the post may never be read. Many successful internet marketers will tell you that the title is the most important thing. It is the number 1 factor for getting articles read.

It is a waste of time if you fail to spend enough time on developing the title. Without a compelling title, you are not giving anyone a reason to actually read it in the first place.

Turn the negative into positive and create successful blog posts by:

•    Creating a Persuasive Title
•    Writing Sufficient Content to get Across Your Message
•    Styling and Formatting for Easy Reading
•    Use Good Grammar and Spelling

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